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You have invited one or more suppliers of window treatment solutions into your home. - You've asked a bunch of questions and received a variety of answers; and of course, you have received a price or a number of different prices.

Depending on the solution, some suppliers gave you a price on the spot and efficiently moved on. Others will have told you they would get back to you after pricing out the solution you had worked out together during their consultation. You have repeated your requirements, adding and varying them slightly as different vendor's highlighted benefits of their solutions and the pitfalls of the solutions from 'other' companies.

Depending on how many suppliers you've had visit, you have, no doubt, decided you are totally 'over' the experience. Your head is swimming, your hands are full of pieces of paper that represent your souvenirs of the experience and you cannot for the life of you, understand how such a simple requirement suddenly became so complex?

Then there is the question of 'who to believe?' How could there be so much disparity amongst quotes? - Some simply list the name of the window treatment and a single price; others have provided you with a full break-down. Some quotes name the brands of the fabrics, materials and componentry whilst others provide no more information than a generic item name such as 'track,' which is not really very helpful.

You thought at worst you would be comparing apples and oranges; now you find you are trying to compare apples with pineapples, kiwifruit and coconuts!'

This FAQ is designed to provide helpful suggestions to assist you in working the problem through, so that whoever you decide to give your business to, you can at least feel you have not come to a decision as a result of stumbling around in the dark, or worse, defaulted to accepting the quotation of the company that provided you with the lowest price; at least without fully understanding what factors have influenced that price.

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