Quotations - How do I compare quality?

Updated 4 years ago by Nancy Vamvakas

Insist on seeing samples. You need to touch and feel textiles to fully appreciate their quality and workmanship 

Ensure that your quotation is detailed and includes the brand names of fabrics, materials and componentry. Do some research on the companies that provided these products. What warranties are provided, what resources do they provide online which explain not only their product but give an indication of their reputation across the market. 

Is the product branded by an independent manufacturer or is it an 'in-house' brand created by the retailer you have received the quotation from. 

As appropriate, check for certifications and ratings in relation to insulating qualities and energy efficiency ratings - Look specifically for Australian ratings that ensure that the product is manufactured for Australian conditions. 

If possible, look for indications as to how long the product line has been sold in Australia. For example, a newly imported batch shipment of curtain tracks that is relatively new on the Australian market may not be available in a few years if you require parts or accessories, or the repair/replacement of the same curtain track.

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