I've made a decision to purchase from your competitor. Should I bother calling you?

Updated 4 years ago by Nancy Vamvakas

We understand we are not going to win all the business we quote on. There may be one or multiple reasons for our quotation not being successful in winning you over. Often a counter quote is received by a customer by a competitor who substitutes or varies a solution based on an original quote provided by Ideal Drape Makers. Thus, as we have stressed continually through this series of FAQs, the importance of receiving a fully itemised and detailed quotation so as to provide assurance that the two competing solutions can be meaningfully compared.  

In other instances, the reason for taking your business to one of our competitors may be simply that you feel more comfortable giving your business to the other company. Whilst this saddens us, we also understand that it is difficult to argue in cases where the reason is a special 'chemistry' that we have not found with you.  

Ideal Drape Makers nevertheless appreciate the opportunity given to use to provide a quotation and would equally appreciate being advised if our quote has not been successful. We follow-up all quotations we provide and advising us of your decision will ensure that you are no longer contacted by IDM as part of our follow-up process that we have in place.

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