About Order Timelines?

Updated 2 years ago by Simon James

You have paid your deposit and placed your order. This FAQ is designed to give you a little guidance on how long you will be held waiting in suspense and anticipation of the day when our installers will be fitting your new window treatments. 

It's a little like being a kid waiting for Christmas, but not nearly so exciting. Compared to ordering a cheap ready-made product which can be made available within days, custom-made window treatments will literally have you waiting weeks. For that we are sorry, but please do remember that you have ordered a custom-made product that has been specially designed according to your exacting taste and requirements. 

Once the order has been placed and we finish doing cartwheels around the orders because you have chosen to do business with us, we get busy ordering fabrics, materials and componentry. 

Having valued working efficient and effective working relationships with all our suppliers which is very useful when we need little favours or priority treatment in special circumstances. So your order sets off a whole chain of events that reverberates up through our suppliers who themselves have proven many times to be capable of their own special magic in making things happen to ensure that your order is not delayed due to a stock shortage or silly error or oversights that can occur in supply chain management. 

FAQ #6 is up-front about the sorts of order delays that occasionally occur and the usual reasons for the delays. 

Most importantly, it attempts to provide some measure of assurance that we will always keep you informed of any delays, should they occur and generally 'keep you in the loop.'

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