Curtain Treatments - Other Considerations

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What other considerations should I be aware of in relation to curtain care?

Fortunately, by purchasing your window treatments from Ideal Drape Makers you have already, have a degree of assurance that your window treatments, with care, will look great for years to come with a minimum of fuss and effort.

All our products have attached care labels so that you are always assured of being able to identify the appropriate care instructions long after you have purchased your window treatments from us.  Of course, if ever in doubt, do not hesitate to contact us. We will be more than happy to provide you with advice and instruction on how best to maintain your window treatments. 


Ideal Drape Makers is able to re-line existing curtains should they start to suffer from the ravages of time, or if the original lining provided from your original supplier (not Ideal Drape Makers) did not provide you with lining suitable for the treatment you previously bought, and /or supply you with inappropriate/inferior lining.  

Ideal Drape Makers drapery and blinds are only produced with high-quality linings that are designed to protect your curtains against the ravages of light and heat to ensure that your treatment looks great for years from the time of purchase. Quality lining costs more and is often the reason why the pricing of some of our window treatments is more than our competitors, for quotes you may have received for equivalent window treatment solutions. 

Flame Retardant Materials and Fabrics

By law window treatments for commercial premises must utilise fire retardant materials and fabrics. Ideal Drape Makers, depending on the location of the treatment,  believe that this is just as important in treatments we manufacture for residential homes. Fire retardant materials where utilised in residential treatments offer an important assurance that translates directly to better care and protection afforded to your home. 

Repair & Alterations

Despite all your efforts to take good care of your window treatments, accidents can and do happen.  We have yet to come across any product from a manufacturer that is 100% child or pet proof. 

There are other times when curtain edging or seems may need attention through wear, or the outright age of the treatment. Rest assured, Ideal Drape Makers is available to ensure that your window treatments, whether originally purchased from us or from another supplier are repaired and/or rejuvenated, once again breathing fresh life into your home. 

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