I have received several quotations from different companies and I am confused - What to do?

Updated 4 years ago by Nancy Vamvakas

Call us to discuss your concerns or queries. We receive a lot of feedback from prospective customers who have received detailed quotations from Ideal Drape Makers but not from competing retailers. We are more than happy to guide you on the sorts of questions you should refer back to the competitor to better enable you to understand, compare and evaluate the quotations you have received from multiple companies 

Examples might include: 

Did you ask for Pelmets, Drapes and Pinch Pleated Sheers with Ideal Drape Makers, but only asked for Drapes and Rod-Slot Sheers from the other competitor? Alternatively, perhaps no Pelmets or only Pelmets in the lounge room and not the entire house. 

Roman Blinds - Are they 'chain operated' or operated by 'traditional cord?' - A chain operated system is substantially more expensive than a cord operated system. 

An instance where you may have been quoted a $30 p/metre sheer and $40 p/metre fabric at one retailer and another quotes you a $60 p/metre sheer and a $70 p/metre fabric? 

An important detail to look for in your quotations is the number of windows or locations that the quotation includes.

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