Curtain Treatment Care

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How do I care for my new curtains to ensure they continue to function and look great for years to come?

Always use draw cords or other drawing methods (eg Flick Sticks, or Chains) without handling the curtain itself to avoid soiling or discolouration of curtains from oils and other contaminants (dirt) from hands. Parents. - This will be particularly relevant if you have small and even teenage children living in your household. 

All soft window furnishings manufactured and supplied, have attached care labels with care instructions. 

As part of your regular cleaning routine, use a soft brush on your vacuum cleaner to 'dust' the curtains from time to time. If your vacuum cleaner supports the regulation of suction power, then ensure the suction is not too high so as to grab and crease the fabrics of your treatments.

The following advice is given in good faith and should not be considered a guarantee. If in any doubt, please do not hesitate to contact Ideal Drape Makers for further advice or confirmation of cleaning approach:

In all cases, regular care will minimise the need for additional cleaning. Always exercise caution when spot cleaning. Test cleaning on a non exposed surface. Avoid excess rubbing and abrasion. 

Use of specialist dry-cleaners or a reputable and experienced fabric care specialist is recommended and may be located in local Melbourne directories or by referral from Ideal Drape Makers. 

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