What can I do to assist Ideal Drape Makers?

Updated 4 years ago by Nancy Vamvakas

  1. Please refer to FAQ 1: which addresses questions that should be considered prior to and during the initial phone consultation. 
  2. Our consultant is there to assist you in answering all your questions. Do not be embarrassed if you find yourself asking repetitive questions as window treatments are a complex subject and repetition is important in providing assurance to you that you understand the features of solutions being discussed. 
  3. Where possible, we recommend that all decision makers are present during the in-home consultation to avoid miscommunication or the failure of our consultant to answer all concerns that the household may have.
  4. If the requirement is for window treatment solutions for properties that are still being built or renovated, then it is extremely helpful to have available any house plans, along with samples of tiles, carpets, paint, flooring materials etc. 
  5. If working with another Design professional or Trade professionals such as architects, builders, interior designers or decorators, we recommend they are also present.  For example, Ideal Drape Makers is also happy to liaise with your builder to assist in the gathering of any required building specifications needed for the purposes of preparing your window treatment solution quotation.

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