Beyond my budget?

Updated 4 years ago by Nancy Vamvakas

Ideal Drape Makers has convinced me of a solution but it is beyond my budget. What should I do?

Wait and save the funds you need to get the solution you want the first time. 

Do not sacrifice what you really want as you will have to live with that decision for a long time. Looking at the treatments that you opted for and saying 'I wish' or 'I should' or 'if only' is not something we would wish on anyone. 

If you want sheers, drapes, pelmets or swags, we often tell customers to purchase all required fabrics and to store them at the factory; proceeding with the drapery order for now,  and saving for the pelmet box and swags for a later stage. Purchasing the fabric all at the same time ensures dye-lots (colours) are the same and that fabric is not discontinued. 

Another option is to ask if a solution can split into stages. For example: 

Stage 1

Master Bedroom & Loungeroom

Stage 2

Wet areas - such as bath, en-suite and laundry. 

Stage 3

Shutters in meals and living area/family room.  

Talk to us. We will evaluate what can be varied without compromising the quality of the solution you will purchase, yet still maintain the same aesthetic design you envisage.  For example, Sheers at 3x fullness could be cut back to 2.7x fullness (which is still above the WCAA minimum standard). 

As another example, you may have asked for motorised roller blinds. In this instance, we can evaluate whether all rollers need to be motorised, with the balance fitted with quality manual chain operated mechanisms.

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