Exterior Window Awning Care

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How do I care for, and maintain my exterior window awnings?

Generally, awnings may be hosed down to remove dirt and grime. If soap is used with a sponge (do not use a brush), ensure that the whole panel is cleaned rather than spot cleaning. Do not use harsh or abrasive detergents. Especially avoid using a detergent containing ammonia. Rinse thoroughly and allow the awning to dry in the open position, as opposed to rolling or retracting it while still wet or damp. 

What can I do if my existing awnings have suffered from wear and tear over time?

Depending on the state of your pre-existing awnings it may be possible to recover them. Our best advice is to call and talk to one of our consultants to discuss, depending on the condition of the awning,  recovering may not be possible and/or cost-effective given the state of the operational componentry of the awning.

To assist our consultants, it is very helpful if you are able to send us a series of photographs of the awnings and their general state. Smartphones are particularly useful and images can be uploaded via the orange contact widget at the lower right of this page below or by sending them to info@idealdrapemakers.com.au marking the email to the attention of the consultant you have spoken to or request a call back if you have not yet spoken to anyone.

Generally speaking, if the awnings are not too badly decayed there are definite advantages in exploring the recovering of your existing awnings.

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