What heading type ?

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Of your extensive range of 'heading types' which ones should I be considering?

Selection of curtain header types will depend on a number of factors such as: 

  • The look you want to achieve. 
  • The decor or style of the room the window you wish to dress is located. 
  • The overall style of your home (i.e. contemporary, traditional, modern, beach, cottage, office, etc)
  • Whether the curtains are to be used as part of a composite window treatment solution, or in combination with other window treatment solutions used within the room or througout the house. 
  • The suitability and practical functionality of the intended window solution. (i.e. A sliding door requires a curtain header type on a track as opposed to a curtain on a fixed rod). 
  • Your budgetary constraints. The varying complexity of the manufacturing process for different header styles; the accessories required for different header styles, and the associated installation costs will have a direct impact on price. (i.e. A Rod-Pocket sheer is more cost effective than a sheer and tracksolution if the sheer does is not required to be operational.)

As discussed above, the selection of curtain header style will be affected by a number of factors. Depending on the solution requirement, the customer is often afford a degree of pricing flexibility that does not impact, or require the sacrificing of quality, in the solution selected

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