Cutting Limits?

Updated 3 years ago by Nancy Vamvakas

Orders for cuttings are limited to three per customer. The service is something that is only made possible through the fabric houses who, like ourselves, hope to impress you sufficiently with product quality to convince you to place an order.

While the choice and range of fabrics available in our store catalogue is truly daunting, we ask that those who are interested in ordering cuttings limit their orders only to those products they have short-listed for actual purchase. That is not to say that we expect that every order of cuttings will translate into an eventual order (as much as we might hope that they do), but we do ask that visitors who use the service use some discretion and have some consideration for the fabric houses/distributors who provide cuttings through us, in good faith that by doing so, they will be provided to potential customers who are seriously moving towards a purchase decision.

We are lucky in Australia that cuttings are generally provided free for many of our products. This is not the case in many other countries where a small, per cutting, charge is levied for the same service.  For some of our European and North American brands, we do levy a per cutting charge which is passed through to our suppliers, allowing them to offset the cost of associated with the supply of cuttings from overseas.  

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