In-home Consultation

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FAQ Section Introduction

You have scheduled an appointment for one of our window treatment consultants to come to your home for your in-home consultation. What should you expect? What can you do to obtain the greatest benefit from the time you spend with them? What will give Ideal Drape Makers the best chance of understanding and helping you to realise your vision?

Remember, whether it be one window that needs treatment, a whole room, or a whole house; not rushing your purchase and ensuring you get not only value for money, but at the same time you arrive at a solution that fulfils your expectations is paramount. - After all, quality window treatments, with care, will last for years. It is important to remember this, as your choice of solution, its quality, and the calibre of the company you purchase your window treatments from, are all considerations you will have to live with for some time.

This FAQ, offers some suggestions to help you to get maximum value from your in-home consultation with Ideal Drape Makers and any other supplier you may also be giving the opportunity to provide a quotation.

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