Sending Photos?

Updated 4 years ago by Nancy Vamvakas

Can I upload or send photographs to Ideal Drape Makers? 

Yes. We recommend sending us photographs of the windows that require window treatments. If possible provide several images not only of the window, but additionally, contextual images of the room in which the window is located.  

Most images can be easily taken with a modern 'smartphone' and either mailed to us directly from the phone or, uploaded from a desktop computer using the Request a Quote link, which is found on our store and website menu bar. Alternatively, you can send them right off your phone by sending to

Try to ensure that the images are 'well lit' so that the colour scheme and a general sense of the rooms ambience or atmosphere can be conveyed. This will assist us greatly in allowing us to provide some initial advice and guidance on the range of solutions which are available. It will also help ensure that appropriate choices, by way of coordinated fabric swatches and materials, are presented to you by our consultants, should you wish to proceed with a no obligation in-home consultation. 

The old adage that 'a picture can speak a thousand words' - is very true. Images will allow us to present the best possible window treatment solutions when we meet with you. 

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