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What do you mean by fullness and what does it mean to my window treatment solution?

Fullness is an important factor in the presentation of a window curtain treatment. Fullness is a term used to describe the amount of fabric in excess of that which is required to cover the window when the curtains are closed. As the fabric component of any curtain treatment can be one of the largest contributors of cost in the overall pricing of a curtain, the amount of fullness quoted can be a key and substantive differentiator of cost when comparing quotes between two curtain suppliers. 

The conventional rule of thumb and Australian industry standard as espoused by the Window Coverings Association of Australia (WCAA) is that there be at least two times fullness for a drape and 2.5 times fullness for a sheer curtain. 

Cost considerations are not the only reason for fullness being an important element in the design of a curtain window treatment solution. Fullness can have a direct and quite dramatic impact on the overall appearance and aesthetic of a curtain treatment once hung.  

Ideal Drape Makers strictly adhere to the recommended industry standard even though we are often pressured by customers who have received cheaper quotations utilising the same fabric but where fullness has been sacrificed as a means of reducing the price offered by the competitor. In these situations, it is our policy to advise the client on the importance of fullness in the overall appearance of our quality curtain treatments. We will not, and do not, use fullness reduction as a means of ensuring competitive quotation; as it is not in our interest or that of the customer's,  to trade-off fullness in exchange for a cheaper price. 

Fullness Counts!
As fabric comprises one of the largest components of price for drapery projects. Skimping on fullness, as well potentially reducing the price of the overall drapery product will also affect its presentation. 
Don't be fooled by a cheaper price. It may well be that fullness has been sacrificed in order to lower price

Window treatments that comprise of quality fabrics, materials and components, if not correctly manufactured to recommended industry standards, is a recipe for customer disappointment and dissatisfaction when the installed treatments fail to deliver the 'wow' effect that Ideal Drape Makers prides itself on creating as an accompaniment with each and every solution we provide. 

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