I'm getting conflicting advice from different suppliers?

Updated 4 years ago by Nancy Vamvakas

Ideal Drape Makers will not manufacture or supply a window treatment just for the sake of making a sale. If we feel that the solution you are after is not appropriate or practical, we will advise you of this. In cases where a customer insists on a solution, we do not recommend we are more than happy to refer the customer to a competitor who will be able to cater to their requirements. 

When confronted with conflicting advice received from potential suppliers, including Ideal Drape Makers, it is important that you have sufficient information upon which a meaningful comparison can be made and justified. Information such as branding, model references and/or product specifications are necessary to ensure that there is a conflict. In many cases, a conflict is perceived over a product when in fact it is two completely different products which are being compared. 

We don't often find ourselves disputing advice provided by our competitors where it is established we are talking about the same things. That is not to say we would not dispute a competitors advice on a subject such as 'fullness' or the appropriate heading type best suited for a window treatment solution suited to your windows. In such cases, we will clearly articulate the reasons why we disagree with the conflicting advice you have been given and provide you with as much information as is practical to enable you to make a balanced and informed decision.

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