Every supplier I talk to makes the same claims with regard to the quality and customer service - I don't know what to believe?

Updated 4 years ago by Nancy Vamvakas

Ideal Drape Makers has built its business on the manufacture and supply of quality custom made window treatments and our customer service excellence. 

Now in the 'internet' age the veracity of our claims can be now attested to through the positive reviews we receive on the social networks participate in, Social networking reviews, and reviews on internet directory listings such as the 'Yellow Pages' and 'Google,' are now a tangible indication that the claims we make with regard to quality and customer service are not just claims. 

Ask around amongst friends, family and associates and you are bound to find someone who is one of our customers or who knows of someone who has dealt with us. Don't just ask about Ideal Drape Makers, but use this as an opportunity to filter out any 'shonky' companies that you are well advised to keep clear of.

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