How long does an fitting/installation take?

Updated 4 years ago by Nancy Vamvakas

The time allocated for installation will depend entirely on the number of windows for which treatments are to be installed, the style or type of window treatment(s) to be installed and the placement of the windows requiring the new window treatments. 

Often it is difficult to give anything other than a general indication as we cannot foresee all problems that may arise during the installation of your window treatment(s) and which might add to the time it takes to complete your order installation. 

Our installers take the utmost care and pride in their installation work and will work as efficiently as possible to ensure that the work is performed to the highest of standards without being rushed. Badly fitted window treatments, due to a rushed installation, are a recipe for customer dissatisfaction and return visits from the installer responsible for the fitting of your window treatments. Regardless of how well made a window treatment is, a primary determinant of customer satisfaction and product error-free operation is the quality of the installation of the treatment in the first instance.

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