Order Monitoring, Tracking and Delivery

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The following delivery timelines are a guide only. Product delivery timeline's can and do vary.

Australian & New Zealand Warehoused Products

Orders from Australian and New Zealand warehouses usually take around 5-7 business days (or less) from the time they are dispatched from the warehouse to your door.

As most Australian and New Zealand warehouses coordinate their dispatches to be picked up in the late afternoon, we usually cannot obtain a tracking reference till the following business day.

European & North American Warehoused Products

Orders from European and North American Fabric Houses usually take anywhere from between 10 and 20 business days to be delivered to your door. Orders are often consolidated by the Australian/NZ distributors, for the international leg of their journey; so while we may be advised that your order is on its way, there may not be much information available to you until shipment has actually arrived in the Australian/New Zealand warehouse, where it is de-consolidated, prior to order delivery, via a local courier.

With the extended timelines for delivery of orders shipped from North America or Europe fabric houses, we do our very best to keep you regularly posted via programmed follow-ups to advise you if there has been any change to the advised estimated delivery date.

What else do I need to know?

We will keep you up to date and in the loop:

We will have a tendency to over-communicate, rather than under-communicate order status to you. We don't like lengthy periods with no order updates sent to our customer. We will often provide you with an update even when there is actually no new news to provided you. - Its just our way of letting you know 'we have our eye on the ball' and are actively monitoring the progress of your order as it makes its way to you.

Occasionally, we do not obtain tracking in time, or tracking is unavailable:

Depending on your distance from the warehouse, we have occasional instances where orders have been delivered before we have had tracking information released to us. For example there have had several instances where orders dispatched from Auckland, New Zealand have been delivered to residents of Sydney and Brisbane overnight.

Often, if you are in the same metropolitan city as the warehouse, it is not always possible to obtain tracking from many specialist local courier services who are equipped to deliver fabric. In such instances, however, we will still advise you of when the order was dispatched and likely delivery date to your door.

Missing Courier Authorities to Leave (ATL) advice:

If you have provided us with an electronically signed Courier Authority to Leave (ATL) Form, you can be confident that have passed both your authority and any special instructions you have provided to our suppliers who append to the order documentation. Occasionally, however, we have order shipments, where signed ATLs are received from customers after their orders have already been dispatched from the warehouse; or ATLs can be dropped off/missing from the delivery paperwork, or completely ignored by the courier, resulting in an order that is not delivered because there was no-one to sign for it. When this happens, a card is left by the courier advising you that a delivery attempt was made and providing you with instructions for arranging another delivery attempt.

In the unlikely event that this does happen with your order, we can only apologise for the annoyance this must cause. Please do be mindful, that the security of your high-value order is paramount, and a courier, not having, or ignoring your ATL, and insisting on a delivery signature, does ensure the ongoing security of your order until it is safely in your hands (While we do not expect this to soothe you, we do hope, provides some reassurance to you, that your order is secure)

Safety First - Bend your knees!

For fabric orders, please be aware that in most cases your order will be on a roll that will be either around 1.4m-1.5m (standard-width) or 3m-3.3m (wide-width) wide. Depending on how much fabric you have ordered and its overall weight, you should exercise due care in moving your order once it has been delivered. Your order may be heavy, long and awkward to carry by yourself!

The following may serve to provide perspective:

  • If you are around 6' tall, a 150 cm standard-width roll standing-up will reach up to your shoulders
  • A standard internal door in Australia is 240 cm in height.
  • There are some wide-width fabrics on our store that extend out to 330 cm wide (tall if you are standing the roll on its end).
  • 30m of a 400 gsm fabric wide-width will weight roughly 36-40 kgs (at the worst case scenario end of the scale)
  • Obviously, not everyone is having delivered 30m of a heavy-duty fabric. Your order is more likely to be awkward than heavy.

Asco in the following video demonstration of their Giraffe Roll Lift, illustrates just how long rolls of wide-width fabrics can be:

Important: When storing your rolled fabric, always lay flat on the ground within it's protective packaging. Leaning standing rolls of fabric against a wall can lead to creasing and bruising of your fabric.
Better to play it safe, and have someone help you move your order than risk physical injury or damage in the form of creases/crushing of the fabric as you manoeuvre it around.

Following up delivery with you:

We always try to follow-up with you and make sure you have received your order safely and that you are a 'Happy Camper'

Our Service:

Finally, as much as we would love to boast that our industry is fully automated and that orders transit the order and delivery process seamlessly and without the need for constant human interaction and involvement in the 'making of things happen' department, we are sorry to say that just isn't the case.

Rather, we would like to think that our close supplier relationships, structured processes, ears glued to phones, fingers to keyboards and great deal of strong coffee (which amplifies our natural OCD tendencies), gives us an edge in when it comes to keeping things on track, as well as you in the loop, in our efforts to get your order to you as quickly as possible.

In truth it is a team effort, with all our partner participants in order fulfilment and delivery deserving full credit for the great job they do in making us look great with their great customer service!)

If you don't receive your order within that time frame we advise, or if you have any concerns or questions at any time between receiving this email and the delivery of your order. (We are more than happy to re-check and reconfirm at, any time. estimates of order ETA at your door and into your hands), please do not hesitate to reach out to us.

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