Can you alter my existing drapery?

Updated 4 years ago by Nancy Vamvakas

Pre-existing Window Treatments (Not Provided by Ideal Drape Makers)

Ideal Drape Makers takes no responsibility and accepts no liability for any damages to pre-existing window treatments that we have been asked to alter.

Examples include and are not limited to: 

1. Where a roller blind is required to be cut back or adjusted and the blind breaks due to age and/or wear and tear. 

2. If a curtain is being unpicked for adjustment or relining and the pre-existing fabric is damaged or is incapable of being altered without incurring damage (i.e due to the age of the fabric). 

3. Where a pelmet to be re-upholstered breaks due to the poor condition of the underlying wood or materials that comprise the pre-existing pelmet.

Ideal Drape Makers will take the utmost care when performing alterations to existing treatments on a best-effort basis only, and with formal acknowledgement from the customer of our limited liability.

For drapery products, it is a requirement under Health and Occupational Safety regulations and the customer's responsibility, that the drapes be pre-cleaned prior to delivery to Ideal Drape Makers for alteration. 

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