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Ideal Drape Makers has long experience in working with Trade and Design Professionals and we continue to demonstrate our flexibility in providing only the products and services that you require, to complete your work with your client.

If you are an Architect or Builder we can offer the same full bespoke service we provide our retail customers, except that we work through you, representing your interests, with your customer, while providing attractive trade pricing that reflects your need to be compensated for the business risk you carry throughout the life of your projects.

We can work off your plans and perform site visits as required throughout the project lifecycle to ensure that the window treatments deliver to your exacting requirements. 

Our installers are appropriately site ticketed and work well with other tradespeople on a building site. We understand the importance of keeping to project schedules and are proactive at ensuring that your orders are ready and installed on time, every time.

Alternatively, you may be a Trade Professional who already has relationships with textile and other soft furnishing suppliers, and will use Ideal Drape Makers as your outsourced workroom.

Interior Designers and Decorators may fall somewhere between. Many, simply want to outsource their makings, providing us with the manufacturing inputs (their fabrics, materials and componentry) along with their manufacturing requirements submitted in the form of worksheets.  We manufacture the treatments ready for your installers go to work with. Other Design professionals find themselves, working on large projects, overtaxed, project managing the work of multiple tradespeople on behalf of their client; may elect to outsource additional responsibilities for order fulfilment to Ideal Drape Makers.  This may include supporting the Design Professional directly in their work with their clients, (For example with onsite measure-ups), to taking responsibility for much of the project management, including supply-chain management, logistics and overall fulfilment and installation of the treatment order. - Engaging Ideal Drape Makers in a way resembles our fully bespoke service as a trade offering, not unlike the service described above, that we provided to Architects or builders.

This FAQ focusses on those areas of difference in your dealings with Ideal Drape Makers as a Trade or Design Professional over the way we conduct our retail trade.

This is probably the smallest of the FAQ’s, not because there are not a number of important questions for which you will want answers, but because we intentionally limit the amount of trade information we advertise on our website.

Generally, aside from certain mandatory policies we maintain, the nature of our working relationship with you is tailored to your requirements.

Rest assured our trade business is important to us and so we invite you to contact us directly to discuss how we might be able to help you with your requirements catering directly to your existing business model.

If you have a General Trade enquiry or would like to apply for a Commercial Trade Account then please fisit our Trade Enquiries page found here or on the side-bar menu (top left of this page)

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