Under what circumstances could my order be delayed?

Updated 4 years ago by Nancy Vamvakas

Order delivery and installation may be delayed for a number of reasons.  

The following examples are provided as guidance only:

  • If any of the conditions that apply to the raising of an order are not met. For example, if your order has not been received; if the deposit has not been received or cleared our banking account, or if details of your order require verification, your order may be delayed.
  • There is a delay in the receipt from the supplier(s) of fabrics and materials required to complete your order. 
  • We receive fabrics or materials that are imperfect or faulty.  For example, although not a regular occurrence, there have been instances where a 40-metre roll of fabric displays flaws or imperfections towards the end of the roll, necessitating the ordering of replacement fabric and the associated delay that is incurred until the replacement fabric is received.  
  • For pre-Christmas orders please allow an extra week. 

Rest assured we work hard with our supply-chain suppliers to ensure that supply problems are identified early before they impact on the production and delivery schedule of orders. 

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