Quotations - How do I compare linings?

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Quotations should list the brand and type of lining used. Ideal Drape Makers always lists the name, brand and type of the lining used in our window treatments.

Many companies simply write 'block-out lining' or '3-pass lining' - but how do you know what quality this is or what you are actually getting?

Ask to see a sample of the lining being quoted. - Feeling and touching the lining will tell you a great deal about its quality in comparison to other linings you may see from other suppliers who have also submitted quotations for your review.

Compare warranties between the lining offerings being presented to you.

Can the lining be washed and/or dry-cleaned? This is an important feature as there are many cheap linings on the market that can be neither washed or dry-cleaned.

Do your research. If it is a quality branded lining then you should be able to find additional information the product online.

Lining is an important consideration. A cheaply made, inferior lining may be only a third of the cost of a quality lining with all the features you need for your window treatments. Given the amount of lining that is used for either drapery or Roman blinds, this can translate into a substantial cost differential affecting the overall price of the quotation you have been presented when compared to other quotations where quality linings have been incorporated into the price.

It is important to note that with Roman Blinds, only high quality pre-stiffened 'Roman Lining' is used. Curtain lining should not be substituted as it does not have the stiffening properties required to prevent the completed Roman Blind from 'sagging' over time. Roman Blind lining is a more expensive lining but one you should insist on if you are considering Roman Blind window treatments.

Ideal Drape Makers quote Roman Blinds incorporating the use of pre-stiffened Roman Blind lining.

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