What is a 'standard width' and what is a 'wide width' fabric?

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Generally, any fabric that is around 150cm wide is considered a Standard Width fabric Generally any fabric that is between say 137 and 160 would is still considered a standard width on our online store. 

Wide Width Fabrics tend to be double a standard width fabric at around 300cm wide.  Of course, there is no hard and fast rule so anything from about 280cm to 320cm is also considered a 'wide width fabric'  for the purpose of width classification on our store.   

Standard Width:  ~ 137 - 160cm
Wide Width
: ~ 280cm - 320cm

Wide width fabrics are often identified with a WW or (WW) in the title of the product so they can clearly be identified. Of course, fabric width can be chosen in our dynamic filters to quickly allow filtering on either standard or wide width products.

Filtering on standard and wide-width fabrics on our online store

It is important to note that if you are planning on having your fabric orders delivered to your workplace, it may be a struggle to get wide width fabric into your car or onto public transport.  Our orders are shipped on rolls and not folded! 
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