Is it important that my window treatments be custom-made? - Convince me!

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In an attempt to be as even-handed as possible, the following attempts to point out the various pros and cons of both ready-made and custom made-to-measure window treatments.


Many mass produced and cheaply manufactured ready-made window treatments are substantially lower in price than their custom-made equivalents. 

Custom made-to-measure window treatments are more expensive, however, they are tailored specifically for your windows, utilising higher grade fabrics, materials and componentry. 

Choice & Flexibility

Whilst ready-made curtains can be combined with other window treatments to create a composite look, this is often much more difficult to achieve due to more limited choices available in relation to colours, materials, and componentry.

Ready-made window treatment may also lack the extra features available to their custom-made counterparts, such as the case with the application of specialised or unique trims, or the combining of window treatment styles that complement each other and realise the design vision being crafted. 


Generally, because ready-made window treatments are mass produced, variations in quality and materials may and do occur. For example, it is not uncommon for different batch shipments of the same product to have been manufactured by different factories, introducing the possibility of inconsistencies between individual treatment units produced. 

Ready-made treatments, in addition to the cost savings advantages associated with mass production,  also typically utilise cheaper, lower quality inputs. These window treatments are not usually as durable or long-lasting as their custom-made counterparts which use higher grade fabrics, materials and componentry

Additionally, custom-made window treatments are backed by superior warranties and after sales service from companies that have been long established in the local Melbourne market.


The length of time you have to wait to receive your treatment is considerably shorter for ready-made window treatments which are available in standard sizes and can be delivered either directly off the shelf or within a matter of a few days of an order being placed.

Additional time and money is saved due to the added flexibility afforded to you by not having to pay for the installation of your window treatments by a professional window installer - By installing the window treatments yourself you save on installation costs. 

Custom made-to-measure window treatments can take many weeks longer to be delivered and installed as they are specifically tailored to your individual windows. The manufacturing of your window treatment(s) does not commence until you have placed your order, and after all selected fabrics, and componentry has been received by your manufacturer.

Despite the added length of time required to fulfil an order for custom-made window treatments, the incidence of defects is generally much lower and are discovered are rectified prior to your order being delivered and installed. 

Multiple window treatments are also of a consistent quality across the entire order. The inclusion of professional installation services, further improves the finished presentation of the window treatments, regardless of how many windows you have fitted.

It is commonplace for small variations to exist between physical windows that have been built to the same specification.  Yet these same windows, may be out of square, or do not precisely adhere to the original builders specification.

A professional installer is experienced at making any required adjustments to your window treatments during their installation, thus ensuring your treatments deliver the wow effect that was intended and envisaged by the customer. It is often difficult, if not impossible, to replicate equivalent wow effects with ready-made window treatments.

Ready-made window treatments do offer superior convenience, but for a truly designed look, custom made-to-measure window treatments offer more for your money - They fit better, look better, last longer and deliver a wow effect that will meet or exceed your design vision expectations.

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