Can I have part-installs performed?

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Different window treatment styles can take a varying amount of time to manufacture and/or supply. Additionally, customers may have requirements for the phased delivery of window treatments such as in cases where they are holding a special event, re-decorating on a room by room basis, or building either a new home (or extending an existing property). 

In some cases, delays occur beyond the control of IDM. For example, where fabric and/or materials and components are out of stock and on backorder. 

In all cases, Ideal Drape Makers will work with you to provide maximum flexibility to assist you. There will always be, however, a limitation placed on the speed at which an order may be manufactured/supplied and fitted. 

Where delays due to stock availability occur after the time of order placement, Ideal Drape Makers is happy to discuss with the customer whether they would like the installation of any completed window treatments, with the remaining window treatments to be delivered as soon as available. 

If you require a phased delivery of specific window treatments on your order, please consult and advise Ideal Drape Makers at the time of placing your order and we will endeavour to accommodate reasonable requirements if it is within our ability to do so. 

Likewise, Ideal Drape Makers will always undertake to advise you of a delay to your order at any stage during order fulfilment. This advice will also be given if we know of a delay at the time you place your order, giving you the opportunity of either selecting alternatives to the delayed fabrics, materials or components, delaying the placement of your order, or cancelling your order prior to deposit.

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