What if I change my mind about a detail of an order I have already made?

Updated 4 years ago by Nancy Vamvakas

Generally, order changes can only be accepted within 24 hours of receipt of your order. After 24 hours the manufacture of your order will have commenced. Still, if the change is small, and depending on where in the manufacturing process the change impacts, some small changes can be incorporated.

Depending on the nature of the change, it never hurts to ask us if your order can be changed. If possible we may be able to incorporate the change and update your order free of charge. In other cases, however, additional charges may apply. Whether charges are applicable will depend entirely on the nature of the change. The sooner we are advised of any change requests, the more likely we will be in a position to accommodate them.

If we cannot implement a change, or if a change will incur additional charges, we will explain fully the reasons for our inability to accommodate the change or the necessity of any added charges. We are not in the practice of charging for a change just for the sake of it.

We understand that there are occasions where customers change their mind with regard to a detail of their order. Rest assured, we will at all times try to be as accommodating as possible, but also understand, that there are times where changes are not possible.

Where Ideal Drape Makers agrees to a change to an existing order, this change request must be provided to Ideal Drape Makers in writing. This can most easily be accomplished by sending either a fax or email to our office. Alternatively, you can visit us with your order documentation and we will notate, and have you sign off, on the agreed changes. 

Whilst these requirements at times may seem onerous, they exist to ensure that you are provided with all assurances so that you can be confident that your order will be correct and exact in every respect you have specified.

Where appropriate, Ideal Drape Makers will provide written confirmation/clarification of queries, in relation to the changes you have requested. 

Ideal Drape Makers takes no responsibility for errors or omissions in circumstances where the client requests assistance in the calculation of deductions, required header sizes, correct hooking or any other specification provided by the client.

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