Terms and conditions for trade professionals

Updated 2 years ago by Nancy Vamvakas

The nature of your engagement and the work to be undertaken by Ideal Drape Makers will determine the conditions that apply to the business transactions. 

For example, If you have requested that Ideal Drape Makers purchase fabrics, materials or components and these orders have already been placed by us then the policy governing changes, alterations, refunds as they are subject to retail customers will apply. 

  1. Where you have requested that Ideal Drape Makers purchase your fabrics, materials or components, these must be paid in full prior to Ideal Drape Makers processing your order.
  2. Manufacturing, check-measures, and install charges/invoices are due and payable in full prior to pickup or installation of your order. 
  3. For large orders, a deposit may be required as a condition of accepting your order. This will be treated on a case by case basis. 
  4. Written cancellations will only be accepted. 
  5. Cancellation of orders will only be accepted if the manufacture of goods has not commenced.

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