How long does it take to receive cuttings?

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Across nearly all our products it is important to understand our cuttings ordered on our store, with few exceptions are FREE.  Ideal Drape Makers do not provide this service, it is a service provided by the source fabric houses, and it is these fabric houses, and their associated Australian distributors, who bear the cost of sending you cuttings of their fabrics, trimmings or wallcoverings.  

Australian Domestic Fabric, Trimming and Wallcovering Brands. 

For Cuttings sent from the following domestic branded fabric houses please allow up to 10 working days:

  • Anna Spiro
  • Bluebellgray
  • Catherine Martin by Mokum
  • Charles Parsons
  • Designs of the Times
  • Elliott Clarke
  • FibreGuard
  • Filigree
  • FR One Fabrics
  • Gummerson
  • Hemptech
  • Ideal Drape Makers
  • James Dunlop
  • James Dunlop Essentials
  • Marco Fabrics
  • Maurice Kain
  • Mokum
  • Nettex
  • Pegasus
  • Pelle
  • Sekers
  • Ultrafabrics
  • Unique Fabrics
  • UV Pro Fabrics
  • Warwick Fabrics
  • Weave
  • Wilson Fabrics
  • Wortley Group
  • Zepel Fabrics

Because of the high volume of cuttings ordered every day by Ideal Drape Makers and other commercial and retail customers across the industry, fabric and wallcovering houses universally send their FREE cuttings by the cheapest means possible. This means their cuttings/samples are sent invariably by 'regular, untracked, domestic post.' 

Once cutting orders have been received and processed by the fabric and wallcovering houses, and cuttings dispatched, there is no facility to track the order once it has been dispatched.

Many of us remember fondly the days when Australia Post delivered reliably and cheaply within 2-3 days almost anywhere in the country for the price of an inexpensive postage stamp and envelope.  Those days are sadly no more.  So do be mindful that with our regular/basic postal service now offering only twice-weekly delivery of mail items, the cuttings you have ordered may sadly, take considerably longer to be delivered to you. 

International Fabric, Trimming and Wallcovering Brands

For Cuttings sent from the following European and North American fabric houses please allow at least 2 to 4 weeks

  • Ado
  • Bailey Griffin
  • James Hare
  • Lulu DK
  • Andrew Martin
  • Anna French
  • Ardecora
  • Arte
  • Ashley Wilde
  • Austex
  • Baker Lifestyle
  • B Berger
  • Black Edition
  • Brunschwig and Fils
  • Carlucci
  • Casamance
  • Cetec
  • Chivasso
  • Christian Fischbacher
  • Crypton
  • Duralee
  • Etamine
  • Fabric Library
  • GP&J Baker
  • Harlequin
  • Highland Court
  • Hodsoll McKenzie
  • Houles
  • KAI
  • Kirkby Design
  • Kravet
  • Lee Jofa
  • Linwood
  • Mark Alexander
  • Metaphores
  • Morris & Co
  • Mulberry Home
  • Romo
  • Sanderson
  • Skyline
  • Swaffer
  • Textillia
  • Thibaut Designs
  • Threads
  • Travers
  • Villa Nova
  • Willbro
  • Willbro Italy
  • Zimmer + Rhode
  • Zinc Textile
  • Zoffany

    International fabric and wallcovering brands provide their cuttings as either a FREE service or, for a small number of brands, levy a small charge to help defray the cost of international postage.  Once again cuttings are sent via the cheapest means possible,  thus enabling them to provide their respective cutting services for FREE,  or for the smallest nominal per-cutting charge possible, to defray the cost of international postage charges.

    How are imported cuttings/samples processed?

    Fabric cuttings from international fabric and wallcovering houses are first sent to the authorised distributor, who on forwards the consolidated orders, usually once or twice a week to Europe and/or North America.  In return, the international fabric houses dispatch cuttings/samples in consolidated consignments in once or twice weekly shipment to Australia/New Zeland. 

    Once the cuttings/samples have been received by the Australian/New Zealand distributors they are then on forwarded to customers via regular domestic (untracked) post.  

    While cutting order consolidation and/deconsolidation and and the overall extra handling of cutting orders, may seem somewhat inefficient and slow, it is the only viable way that International fabric and wallcovering houses, working with their local distributor partners, are able to offer cuttings and samples of their product for FREE, or for a small nominal per cutting/sample charge. 

    Most of the authorised Australian-based distributors of International brands do carry some cuttings/samples of their products. Their combined catalogues often consist of many thousands of products, so their local supply of cuttings tends to comprise only a very limited subset consisting of only their most popular selling product collections.  (so in some cases you may receive your cutting from them within the 10-day timeframe specified for local Australian/New Zealand brands above).

    Will I receive my cuttings/samples be received in one or multiple deliveries?

    In many, but not all cases, you will receive multiple deliveries.

    Although our store has well in excess of 120,000 products across more than 80 brands, the number of suppliers responsible for distribution of cuttings and samples is much smaller.

    Most Australian or Authorised Australian distributors who represent international fabric houses carry multiple brands.  As such, depending on the number of brands, and their associated distribution channel, you are more than likely to receive your cuttings in multiple deliveries

    If you order cuttings from multiple brands that are distributed by a single Fabric House or Distributor representative, you will in almost all cases receive only one delivery.  If your cutting/sample order is spread across multiple fabric and wallcovering houses, or their distributor representatives, then you will receive your cuttings in more than one delivery. 

    In all cases, the cuttings and samples will be sent directly to you from the fabric and wallcovering houses, or their distributors, and NOT by ideal Drape Makers 

    So, do not be alarmed or concerned if your cuttings/samples do not all arrive at the same time and in the same delivery.

    The information we are able to provide to you about the about the status of your tracking order is limited to: 

    • Confirming the date and time that we sent the order to the local Fabric House or Authorised Australian Distributor.
    • Confirming receipt of the order, including date and time, by the local FabricHouse or Authorised Australian Distributor (who, in most cases, acknowledge back to us our orders to them). 
    • In most cases, the day cutting/sample order was dispatched from the fabric house or distributor for delivery to you. 
    • For international branded products, the day the cuttings were received in batch from Europe or North America, and the date they were subsequently dispatched to you via domestic postal service. 

    Because cuttings are sent by the cheapest possible means possible, no additional tracking information is available.

    What should I do if I have not received one or more cuttings in the timeframes you have specified above?

    Contact us and let us know.

    Although cutting/order tracking ability is severely limited, we do our very best to ensure you receive your cuttings. If cuttings go astray or missing, in most cases, all we can do is order a second set of replacement cuttings and have them dispatched to you as quickly as possible. We will often re-order cuttings on your behalf even if we have been able to confirm that cuttings have left the source fabric houses and are in transit to you  (but well overdue for delivery to you).

    While it is not unknown for the occasional cutting to have been misordered, not ordered, or sent to an incorrect address, more often than not customers who have second cutting sets ordered for them eventually receive the first 'missing' set eventually (in addition to the second replacement set).  We can only attribute such occurrences to 'Postal Gremlins' 

    What value do Ideal Drape Makers add to the cutting service?

    While full credit is given to the fabric houses and associated distributors for offering their cutting services Ideal Drape Makers tries to add value to the cutting services offered by all our valued suppliers. 

    1. As the largest online retailer of Drapery & Upholstery Fabrice, Trimmings and other soft furnishing products currently on the internet, we act as a convenient aggregation point that facilitates the ability of our visitors to order cuttings/sampling from a truly vast catalogue of products from over 80 of the best known and respected premier soft furnishing brands. - We act as a one-stop shop for all your cutting needs, working with the belief that once you find the perfect fit for your soft furnishings project you will continue on to purchase product from us.
    2. When ordering cuttings you will receive an invoice which lists the cuttings you have ordered and an order reference which we can use as a starting point to perform what limited tracking of cutting/sample orders are available to us. 
    3. Once we have placed your order(s) with one or more of the suppliers responsible for fulfilling your cutting order you will receive a confirmation via email and/or text message confirming that we have placed your order and 'handed off' order fulfilment to our supplier(s)
    4. We schedule a follow-up email to be sent to you for a date that coincides with our estimated delivery date of your complete cutting order.  We ask for you to confirm back to us that you have received all your cuttings and offer any further assistance we can provide answering questions about the products you have ordered cuttings for, or any other questions you may have about our products and services in general.  If you have deemed the cuttings not quite the right fit for your project, then we are more than happy to assist you with the selection of alternative products and further cutting orders.  - We are not a spammy hard-sell company and will try our best to help you find the right product for your project. (If you have not received a follow-up email from us once a cutting is well overdue it will be because we, ourselves have failed you, or as sometimes happens, our communications to you have landed in your spam folder.  So do make a point of checking your spam folder for any way-overdue follow-up from us)
    5. We make it easy to transition from sampling to placing an order, and like to think we provide a superior product for a great price, backed by friendly and caring customer service that only a second generation, family owned and operated, business can provide.  
    Fabric Houses, their associated authorised distributors and Ideal Drape Makers want you to purchase product. To that end, it is in our interests to do our very best make the process of ordering cuttings/samples simple and painless. We will always endeavour to minimise delays and order processing errors within the constraints placed on us working with high volume, and mostly FREE cutting/sample services, operated by our valued premium brand suppliers and distributors.  

    While it is a challenging juggling act for all participants concerned,  both Ideal Drape Makers and our suppliers at all times are proactively interested in delivering to you the very best cutting service possible. 

    All participants from the fabric houses, their authorised distributors and Ideal Drape Makers welcomer feedback on each and every cutting/sample you receive as well as the overall service provided to you along the way.

    If ever you need to contact us regarding cuttings you have ordered our cutting service, in general, please feel free to call us on:

    • 1800 953 053 (AU)
    • 09 886 2856 / 03 669 4814 (NZ)
    • 800 046 5353 (UK)
    • 1800 2444 601 (CAN) 
    • 1888 652 1337 (US)

    Alternatively, we can be reached via email at:

    If your query concerns an existing cutting order please provide the cutting order reference found on nearly all correspondence you will have received from us in relation to your order.  

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