About placing your order

Updated 4 years ago by Nancy Vamvakas

Ideal Drape Makers, through its staff and consultants, have worked with you designing a window treatment solution for one or more windows in your home. You have, no doubt, make many difficult decisions on your journey so far but you now are in a position where you are ready to order your custom solution. 

So how do you place the order? What is required of you at the time you make the order? What are the terms and conditions attached to the placing of the order and the contractual commitment you will be making at that time? 

In one respect, this is the culmination of all the hard work you've put into the decision-making process, on the other, it may well be the cause for some nervousness as placing your order usually entails the contractual commitment of a large sum of money. 

This FAQ attempts to provide information on the ordering process, what it entails and the obligations and responsibilities of both parties.

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