Do I need lining?

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Do I need lining and what are the important considerations in relation to the quality of lining selected?

Ideal Drape Makers only utilises high quality linings from Charles Parsons in the manufacture of its window treatment products. 

A good lining is essential to protect your decorative drapery fabric from harsh UV rays which could damage even high quality textiles if used as backing to these textiles. High quality lining also provides superior thermal insulation - wheteher you want to stay warm in the winter, or cool in summer.

Charles Parsons linings have been extensively tested and specifically developed to meet Australian and New Zealand performance requirements. Unlike many inferior linings on the market, Charles Parsons linings range is dry-cleanable and washable, and are supported by a three year guarantee which stand as testament to the quality, reliability and performance of their product. 

Too often we hear stories of people who have purcahsed cheap window treatments, some with quality curtain or roman blind fabrics which they discover to there dismay, some time later, they cannot clean or which sag and loose shape because the incorrect lining was utilised.

The use of stiffened lining specifically designed for the manufacture of Roman blinds is essential and there have been many horror stories of people purchasing cheap Roman Blinds which, while looking great when first installed, soon sag and detract greatly from the appearance and aesthetic of the window treatment and also detract from the appearance and design vision of the room in which they are installed. 

As quality curtain and Roman Blind lining is over twice the price of the inferior and relatively inexpensive linings, it is understandable that many a customer has been disappointed after opting for a treatment solution that is presented at a substantially lower cost than window treatments purchased from reputable suppliers that have been in the business for many years. - Suppliers who have earned a reputation that is based on honesty and integrity. 

Whether you purchase your lined window treatments from Ideal Drape Makers or another reputable supplier, it is imperative that you insist on only high quality linings, thus ensuring your window treatments will stand up to the harsh UV conditions of this country; are able to be washed and/or dry-cleaned,  and will hold there shape and look good for many years. 

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