When will I be advised delivery and installation of my order?

Updated 4 years ago by Judith Rafada

When the order is placed, we provide the client with an approximate delivery timeframe.

When a specific date is required, we always note the date on the order and work with the customer throughout the manufacturing and fulfilment processes, to meet the required date. Any slippage of delivery schedule is communicated to the customer immediately as we continue to work with them to achieve their objective.

In cases where we have been advised by a supplier that an item is out of stock or delayed in delivery to us, we can work with the customer and investigate alternative fabrics, materials or components that may be substituted without sacrificing the functionality or quality of the solution that has been ordered.

Alternatively, if the back-ordered item(s) is not available by the due date, Ideal Drape Makers can deliver and install that part of the order which has been completed, leaving the remaining item(s) for delivery and installation as soon as they become available.

It is usual practice for customers to be notified at least one week prior to completion of the order to provide sufficient time to facilitate the scheduling of an installation date and time that is convenient for you.

Customers are encouraged to contact us at any stage during order manufacturing and fulfilment for the latest status on their order. 

Ideal Drape Makers will also keep the customer advised should an order near completion prior to the original delivery/installation date so as to afford the opportunity for a revised installation date and time.

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